SAGE Volunteers


What does SAGE stand for?

Sage is our term for older adults who have lived life to the fullest, have found joy in everyday moments, and are grateful for their current life situation. Sage adults are wise as a result of their life experiences.

SAGE Volunteers

We're looking for sage adults to join us to help us carry out our mission. We're currently seeking sage adults for a fall program (October-December 2019). See below!

What is the criteria to become a volunteer?

We're inviting anyone who has life experiences to share to be a SAGE volunteer for one or more programs & events - that means you! Are you an avid gardener or active book club member? A 50-something Crossfitter? A 60-something musician? A 70-something baker? An 80-something fisherman? Whoever you are, whatever your interests, you'll find joy in being able to share your knowledge and interact with younger people. 

For what current programs do you need volunteers?

We're currently seeking 10 sage adults from the Farmington Valley in central Connecticut with a bit of decorative painting experience to join high school art students at Simsbury High School to design and paint Adirondack chairs. 

The chairs will be placed throughout the Simsbury community in the spring of 2020 for the community to enjoy in celebration of Simsbury's 350th Anniversary. 

If you are interested, please download and complete the volunteer application below.

Volunteer Application

For All Ages Adult Volunteer Application (pdf)