Intergenerational programs



Intergenerational programs offer people of different ages the opportunity to connect and share their passions, skills, knowledge, and experience. 



These programs improve the health and well-being of participants through meaningful interactions that combat loneliness and foster kindness.  


Lasting impact

And these programs provide opportunities for life-enhancing growth, understanding, and friendship that have lasting effects and change negative perceptions about aging.   

Our Programs


Chairs For All Ages

(It's) A Walk in the Park

(It's) A Walk in the Park

Our intergenerational community chair program fosters connectivity and social interaction.  


(It's) A Walk in the Park

(It's) A Walk in the Park

(It's) A Walk in the Park

Our Walks in the Park connect older adults with younger generations in a fun yet meaningful way. 


100th Day of School

(It's) A Walk in the Park

100th Day of School

We share ideas for positive, impactful programming to be used on the 100th day of school to promote kindness across generations. 


Curated Community Programs

We work with local experts and community leaders to identify, customize, and implement impactful intergenerational program(s) and/or event(s) for the community that are intended to have a lasting impact.